The main partner of Suyue Electronics



Renesas Electronics is one of the world's largest semiconductor manufacturers, with products covering various MCUS, analog power devices, battery management, RF RF, various sensors, clocks and logic memory


Xiaohua Semiconductor (formerly Huada Semiconductor) focuses on 32-bit M0+/M4 series MCU, which is widely used in the motor drive, three-meter, smart card and other markets


Techline Semiconductor, which mainly makes power management chips and motor drive MCUS, has been acquired by Qorvo


Zhuhai Jericho technology products are mainly used in AI smart speakers, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headphones, intelligent voice toys, ultra high-definition recorders, intelligent video surveillance, blood pressure monitors and other Internet of Things terminal products


Kaiik Hee Semiconductor is a Korean company that mainly produces transistor and triode, IGBT/mos and their drivers


Huawei Sparte is a holding subsidiary of Jilin China Microelectronics, focusing on intelligent power modules, mos and other power devices

Jingart Semiconductor focuses on single-phase BLDC drivers, AC/DC, DC/DC, half-bridge intelligent power modules, half-gate drivers and other fields


Nanlin specializes in the development and manufacturing of digital and analog hybrid chips, with a complete range of products, including LDO, DCDC, charge management, LED lighting, power management chips, MOS and its drivers


Leshan Radio is a large electronics company that designs chips, manufactures and sells semiconductor devices. Products include two transistors, protection devices, LDO, rectifier bridge and so on


Taiwan Guanghong Technology Company's product range includes DC brushless motor drive solutions, power semiconductor components for special applications, lighting and power management applications




Xi 'an Aerospace Core is specialized in integrated circuit design and development, application technology development and service. Relying on strong space resources and technical advantages to carry out research and development of mixed-signal integrated circuits, analog integrated circuits, products have covered space station, satellite, communications, new energy, automotive electronics, consumer electronics and other fields


The product line of Changzhou Galaxy Century Microelectronics Co., Ltd. covers discrete device chip, rectifier device, protection device, small signal, MOSFET, silicon carbide, photoelectric device, analog IC and so on


The main products of Toshin Industrial Co., Ltd. are electrolytic capacitors, thin film capacitors, liquid crystal components, etc

The above are some of the main cooperative manufacturers.