Introduction of Xiaohua MCU BLDC fan scheme


With the development of emerging technologies and the promotion of national policies in recent years, the motor industry's requirements for motors have gradually increased, and high-performance BLDC motors are an important trend in the future development of motors. At the same time, the end consumer market for motor drive control is no longer limited to motor start and stop, constant speed change, etc., but also needs to have high performance, low noise, high efficiency requirements; The MCU becomes particularly important as the brain for motor drive control.

Shanghai Fanchuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a first-class agent of Xiaohua Semiconductor, the company mainly promotes Xiaohua M0+,M4 series MCU, and relies on the original factory has mature and reliable BLDC fan control solutions.

Our BLDC fan solution adopts FOC control algorithm, sine wave control has the advantages of smooth start and stop, lower noise, more accurate speed and higher efficiency than traditional square wave control.

In terms of function, it has over-current and under-voltage protection, blocking rotor protection, phase loss protection, IPM over-temperature protection and other common fan protection, and also has FG speed feedback, forward and reverse wind starting, VSP speed regulation and other functions.

The following is other hardware and software related information:

Software development environment: IAR, Keil

Debugging development tool: Jlink

Compiled language: C language

Solution hardware block diagram:

Scheme software block diagram:

Control Panel demo(HC32F460JEUA)

Current output waveform